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Liberty Server
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Tuesday, September 13th, 2011
8:31 pm
Меня зовут Дмитрий, живу в Воронеже. Я фотограф — снимаю свадьбы, пейзажи, портреты. Вообще мои интересы многогранны, поэтому я стараюсь снимать и рассказывать обо всем интересном вокруг нас. Не сказать, правда, что я большой путешественник, но при любой возможности стараюсь посещать новые и необычные места. Если вы хотите заказать у меня съемку или откалибровать свой монитор, то можно об этом написать в комментариях в жж, в аське 486395844, по электропочте mail@chushkin.com или по телефону +7 920 419-49-31.
Большинство фотографий можно приобрести в виде распечатанных постеров или в электронном виде.

Я на других сервисах —

В этой записи находится полный каталог моих фоторепортажей, в котором все разделено по темам. Приятного просмотра!
Каталог всех записей (70+ записей, более 1200 фотографий)Collapse )
Monday, December 20th, 2004
4:27 pm
OK all... I saw a post saying we don't use this forum... adn they are right. So in an effort to use this forum Ia bit more I feel it's time for us to put our character's out there so that we can interact and know some people we can ask for help. In the past I've met up with a few of the members here and they've all been great to work with. Feel free to send me a tell and if I am not busy I will usually be willing to help out.

Characters on Liberty:

Chan Kai - AR/Dev Natural Blaster Lvl 33 (SG: Order of the Jade Dragon - Rank: Sensei)
Boognish - EC/Storm Science Controller Lvl 20 (SG: Order of the Jade Dragon - Rank: Sensei)
Lasy Absinthe - Empathy/Dark Blast Mutant Defender Lvl 14

Please post your characters so we can all know who's out there.

See you on the battlefield

Current Mood: productive
Saturday, December 4th, 2004
11:04 am
Looking for Respec Help
hey guys, just got around to playing my guys a lil more, been busy lately, and i really need help on a respec mision. i need a bunch of level 26's to help, a good bubbler/healer, cointroller, scrapper, and good tanker who can take it. leave a comment or contact me on CoH if you would like to help, i might be lvl 26 for the next week or so, just hit it, so please hurry. thanks

Ghost Blizzard - Energy/Ice Blaster (26)
Shadow Havoc - DarkMelee/Invuln. Scrapper (4)
~Liberty Server~
Friday, November 19th, 2004
9:07 am
Several Screenshots Ive taken in the last few days.
Well, I finally got my main (daemonelix) up to lvl 41. I finished the Eden trial and have visited (and died in) the Rikti Crash Site.

Screenies of the Crystal Titan and Rikti Crash SiteCollapse )
Thursday, October 21st, 2004
10:14 am
Well, Ive finally gotten around to do the intro-post dealie. Yeah, anyway, I have a full server of characters on Liberty and can usually be found online playing one. My primary is Daemonelix, a level 38 Energy/energy blaster, who needs to do the Eden and Sewer trials (Im approaching contact dead zone... you know... where you cant get new contacts until a certain level, but then cant talk to those contacts until the next). My other characters are:
Boreas: 15, Controller, Ice/Bubble
Z?: 12, Scrapper, Dark/Dark
Jigen Joker: 6, Controller, Grav/Kinetics
FT Operative: 7, Tank, Invuln/SS
Spawn of JENOVA: 9, Scrapper, Kat/Regen
Leashed Freak: 10, Scrapper, MA/FF
Dr Nick Riviera: 6, Defender, Empath/Dark

Hope to see you in game :D
Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
10:04 am
okay, my main is now (Evening Sorrow, Grav/Rad Controller) is 26 and my secondary (Kokoryu, MA/Regen) is a sixteen. Drop me a Tell anytime you need a little help. I will exemplar or SK.
Monday, October 18th, 2004
4:27 pm
Hey all, its me, vf13. Just got a new journal name. Other journal got like all psycho. Anyways, I thought id drop by to do an update on the characters. All on Liberty.

Ghost Blizzard- Blaster(Energy/Ice)- 20th Level| The Unusual Suspects
Knights Blade- Scrapper(Broad Sword/Invulnerablity)- 8th Level(and rising with the help of Celtic :)| Little Lewbowski Urban Achievers

Current Mood: gonna play CoH in a moment!!
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
2:53 pm
So, after being in debt for all of level 28 (166000 points of slogging through), I levelled to 29 last night!

AND... I have less than 1000 debt too!

Woo HOO!


My two Super Groups, The Little Lebowski Urban Acheivers and Lebowski's Angels will be having a get together next month in Jersey for a screening of... THE BIG LEBOWSKI! (And, of course, plenty of CoH talk)

So, an update of my characters (all on Liberty, of course):

Celtic Blade - 29 - Scrapper - Claws/Invulnerable - L.L.U.A.
Jeff Lebowski - 18 - Defender - Empathy/Electric - L.L.U.A.
B. Kiddo - 11 - Tanker - Fire/Stone - Lebowski's Angels
Celtic Blade 2 - 11 - Scrapper - Claws/Invulnerable - L.L.U.A.
Adrian Chase - 10 - Blaster - Assault Rifle/Devices - L.L.U.A.
The Titillator - 10 - Controller - Illusion/Radiation - Lebowski's Angels
Monday, September 27th, 2004
1:46 pm
Adamastor... FOUND!
So I'm badge hunting the other night in Talos then one of my SG mates sends me a tell...

"Dude, I found him!"

"Found who?"



"WAY, come to DA NOW!"

I immediately hit Super Jump and get my Scrapper's butt to the cemetery.

And there, on the big castle-like thing in the NE corner (the one surrounded by the trench) was Adamastor. Big as life and twice as ugly.

Popped one of each inspiration to be safe, fired up Dull Pain and Hasten, and me and my buddy proceeded to kick his ASS. (Okay, we both had one heal each from a guy standing there who had just killed him.

The XP at level 28 was GREAT. Something like 2500.

AND, got a badge out of it, too!

Now if I can just find the Kraken...

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
9:51 am
Super Groups
Any decent Super Groups on Liberty looking for people? I have an L18 ice blaster and an L10 spiney scrapper and would like to hook up with regulars who play for fun (as opposed to people who play to make 50 as fast as possible and then get every badge and then train their OCD on something else) but have good tactical skills. Getting a little tired of weak pick-up teams that don't pay attention to anyones stat bars but their own.
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
7:26 pm
hey guys, im new to the community. Ive been playing CoH for awhile, and I just bought a new account so I started over. Im in the EST time zone if anyone wants to play. Here are my characters.

Ghost Blizzard - Energy/Ice(Blaster) - Level 13
Absolut Zero - Ice/Ice(Tanker) - Level 2

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, September 16th, 2004
12:24 pm
This just SUCKS...
So, last night I was determined to reach level 28 with my Scrapper, Celtic Blade. I had 40 K to go, but figured if I banged out a few more of my 5th column missions I'd complete the arc for 4000, so...

It was do-able.

Read MoreCollapse )


Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
12:38 pm
In Search Of...
Last night, me and thre of my SG friends were tooling around, when one of them mentions the monster in Dark Astoria, Adamastor.

"It's HUGE," he says, "and like 29th level.

Being that we range from level 27 to 33, we figure, let's give it a shot.

So head all head to DA and make a beeline for the graveyard.

And then spend the next HOUR looking for tha bastard. (With no luck, might I add.)

Does ANYONE know where EXACTLY he can be found, if he moves, how often he spawns, ANYTHING that might help us out?

All we KNOW is that he is in the NE corner of the cemetery. SUPPOSEDLY near the big building with the crevasse around it.

But, we looked there for a whole hour, four of us, and came up empty-handed.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Celtic Blade (27th lvl Claws/Invulnerable Scrapper)

Current Mood: frustrated
Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
2:01 am
New Supergroup
Since I started playing City of Heroes back in May(ish), Ive always wanted to be able to form a strong Supergroup. I finally have a good idea for one, and now its just a matter of recruiting. Well... Ill use this for a shameless promo and SShots of the characters I have in it so far.

The SuperGroup name is: Paragon Bureau of Investigation.

Currently, its a group of me and my buddies. I am looking to expand it though to all those who are interested. As you can see from the screenshots below, we are all dressed in snazzy suits (as expected from Investigators). At level 20, we have decided that we will design some manner of armour suit to go along with the SG theme. The three ranks are: Director, Special Agent, and Field Agent.

Send me a tell or post here if you are interested in joining. The two recruiters (currently, though I am looking for more) are Z? and Redfield. Hope to see you on the Server :D

Screenshots of Several Members of PBICollapse )
Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
8:52 am
TF and leveling
Ok so I'm gonna chat it up a bit since this forum is so dead...

Last night I got into the Bastion TF with Chan Kai. As he was a whopping level 25 (minimum for TF) I had him sidekicked to Wen Ho, who is the only other member of our supergroup (The Order of the Jade Dragon). To make a long story short we lost our controller before getting to the first mission but aside from him the other 7 members stayed around for the entire TF. We worked really well with the combo of 2 scrapers, 2 blasters, and 3 defenders. I was halfway to level 26 before the TF and am now level 26 + a bub. I also now have smoke bombs (yay more toys!). Overall it was a good time though towards the end of the TF I was starting to fade. We made it through each mission fairly quickly but we still spent about 4.5 hours on the TF and I had to go to work today (starting at 8) so I am a bit tired.

If anyone on this MB is interested in joining the Order it's theme is Hong Kong Action movie based characters. All the characters currently in the group (and one who hasn't hit level 10 yet) were conversions from tabletop Feng Shui characters. Send me a tell with a concept if you are interested. The current memebers are Chan Kai (a mischievous smart-ass gambler with guns) and Wen Ho (a stoic fighting monk).

Current Mood: tired
Monday, August 30th, 2004
9:13 am
New toons
This weekend I felt inspired and made two new characters:

Quohog - Level 2 (haven't used him much yet) Tanker - Invulnerability/Super Strength - Based off a long time character of one of my college roommates. Biker/Philospher.

Boognish - Level 8 Controller - Earth Control/Storm Summoning - A tribute to Ween whose DVD concert I had playing as I created and leveled up this toon.

They join Chan Kai and Lady Absinthe in my ensemble of characters. I have a scrapper too but am uncertain if I like his build or concept enough to continue leveling him up past 6 where he is now.

I also hit on the Sister Psyche Task Force on friday night with a great group and managed to complete it and level up Chan Kai to 25. 2 Controllers in that TF made the difference. we actually made it to the end with 7 of our 8 characters.

Feel free to send me tells when I'm online. I would like this community to have a presence here and in the game...

See you all in Paragon.....

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, August 27th, 2004
2:55 pm
Pass the word...
Let's get news of the community out.

I will try to be on tonight (usually weekdays)... between 6-11pm est.

Feel free to look me up.

Evening Sorrow
10:53 am
The Gathering
So there was a call a few weeks ago to gather the heroes of Librerty City who are on this community and I think it's a great idea. I'm generally on most evenings (EST) but lets get a discussion going so we can figure out when the greatest number of us can convene.
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
10:27 am
Damn Freakshow TF
So last night I ended up on two different freakshow TFs.... First TF was going OK until we got to the second mission with one less member... then kept getting nailed by multiple mobs. That force got disbanded and I joined another where I was one of the highest level members... problem was that group had a high amount of death and I am now severely in debt. Anyone that wants to help me remedy my debt issues tonight let me know. Working on my Level 24 blaster Chan Kai.

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
9:36 am
Okay, so the second update was supposed to be out towards the end of August.

I count a week left in August on the calendar.

When is this finally coming out?
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