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New toons

This weekend I felt inspired and made two new characters:

Quohog - Level 2 (haven't used him much yet) Tanker - Invulnerability/Super Strength - Based off a long time character of one of my college roommates. Biker/Philospher.

Boognish - Level 8 Controller - Earth Control/Storm Summoning - A tribute to Ween whose DVD concert I had playing as I created and leveled up this toon.

They join Chan Kai and Lady Absinthe in my ensemble of characters. I have a scrapper too but am uncertain if I like his build or concept enough to continue leveling him up past 6 where he is now.

I also hit on the Sister Psyche Task Force on friday night with a great group and managed to complete it and level up Chan Kai to 25. 2 Controllers in that TF made the difference. we actually made it to the end with 7 of our 8 characters.

Feel free to send me tells when I'm online. I would like this community to have a presence here and in the game...

See you all in Paragon.....
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