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In Search Of...

Last night, me and thre of my SG friends were tooling around, when one of them mentions the monster in Dark Astoria, Adamastor.

"It's HUGE," he says, "and like 29th level.

Being that we range from level 27 to 33, we figure, let's give it a shot.

So head all head to DA and make a beeline for the graveyard.

And then spend the next HOUR looking for tha bastard. (With no luck, might I add.)

Does ANYONE know where EXACTLY he can be found, if he moves, how often he spawns, ANYTHING that might help us out?

All we KNOW is that he is in the NE corner of the cemetery. SUPPOSEDLY near the big building with the crevasse around it.

But, we looked there for a whole hour, four of us, and came up empty-handed.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Celtic Blade (27th lvl Claws/Invulnerable Scrapper)
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