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Adamastor... FOUND!

So I'm badge hunting the other night in Talos then one of my SG mates sends me a tell...

"Dude, I found him!"

"Found who?"



"WAY, come to DA NOW!"

I immediately hit Super Jump and get my Scrapper's butt to the cemetery.

And there, on the big castle-like thing in the NE corner (the one surrounded by the trench) was Adamastor. Big as life and twice as ugly.

Popped one of each inspiration to be safe, fired up Dull Pain and Hasten, and me and my buddy proceeded to kick his ASS. (Okay, we both had one heal each from a guy standing there who had just killed him.

The XP at level 28 was GREAT. Something like 2500.

AND, got a badge out of it, too!

Now if I can just find the Kraken...
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