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Hey all, its me, vf13. Just got a new journal name. Other journal got like all psycho. Anyways, I thought id drop by to do an update on the characters. All on Liberty.

Ghost Blizzard- Blaster(Energy/Ice)- 20th Level| The Unusual Suspects
Knights Blade- Scrapper(Broad Sword/Invulnerablity)- 8th Level(and rising with the help of Celtic :)| Little Lewbowski Urban Achievers
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Cool Slim Jim- Blaster(Ice/Ice)- 23rd Level|The Gray Wolves
Taxibot 911- Defender(Emp/Rad)- 10th Level|Paragon Taxi Service
Anakron Ohaio- Scrapper(Kat/Inv)- 20th Level|Stall 3 Irregulars

Some other experimental ones too, but these are the three I actually play.